A Special Sennheiser deal

We reviewed the Sennheiser HD 300 headphones a while back and loved ’em. Sennheiser has just announced that the sibling of the HD300, the HD280 cans are on a special “75th Anniversary” pricing deal for a period.

Normally AUD$179.50, you can get ’em for only AUD$149 from a select number of outlets.

Firm favourites with musicians, DJs and engineers alike, the closed, around-the-ear HD 280 PRO headphones have been engineered for professional recording, mixing and monitoring applications. They offer high attenuation of ambient noise and a linear audio reproduction, enabling you to accurately monitor sound even in critical environments.

The HD 280 PRO feature soft earpads for a comfortable fit even during long mixing and monitoring sessions. The earcups fold and rotate for space-saving transport, the coiled cable is single-sided and tough.

Watch award-winning filmmaker Geert Verdickt as he and DJ Vinyl King put the HD 280 PRO through a series of tests: 



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