Film, Video and Virtual Reality has evolved from the original Australian Videocamera magazine and website started 12 years ago.

It was felt that moving picture technologies had evolved so much over that period, it was time to embrace these new technologies with a new name and a new look.

Our aim is to give complete cover of all aspects of filmmaking – from the humblest little video shot on a smartphone or budget camcorder, to the Hollywood blockbuster or the most sweeping of TV series.

All technologies are investigated including Virtual Reality and 3D, as well as the necessary tools-of-the-trade, whether they be hardware (cameras, tripods, audio, lighting), software (editing, FX, motion graphics, VR) or ancillary things such as training, make up, renting and so on.

We also have tutorials, reviews, interviews and more, as well as news from around the globe.

We are always after content, so if you have a story to tell, case study, interview material or tutorial, feel free to contact