ACD Systems launches new and improved Luxea video editing

Today, ACD Systems International told us it has launched its latest version of its free Luxea Video Editor, which the company says provides users with more tools to produce the best video possible (although one assumes some talent is also a prerequisite). T

This latest release of Luxea comes a year on from the original release of the software, and is said to give users more control to produce their video exactly how they imagine it.

Top New Features:

  1. Timeline Markers: Alignment between tracks made easy with built-in snap-to-setpoint functionality.
  2. Color LUT Opacity: Color grade your shots by loading and applying an endless array of cinematic LUTs. Easily control the strength using the opacity slider.
  3. Real-time MP4 Generation: The recorder encodes as it captures video and audio, so you can go from recording to editing instantly.
  4. Single Input Recording: Capture audio without video and vice versa with the option to record from only one input at a time.
  5. Targeted Screen Recording: Select a window to screen record with a single mouse click.

Along with these new features, Luxea also continues to offer all the features from its previous Luxea software.

Luxea is available for free, or with a perpetual license for $79.99/£59.99/91.99€, or through a subscription for $29.99/£20.99/34.49€ a year. Subscriptions provide users with regular updates and upgrades of the product, and can be renewed or cancelled at any time. ACD Systems has also included Luxea in its Home Pack bundle to ensure you’ve got everything you need in your post-production suite, from video editing to digital asset management.

Chief Operating Officer and Chief Technical Officer Frank Lin said “Our latest version of Luxea enhances our previous features and more. Pairing all this with our abundance of content packs, and you are set to be creative. We are excited for our users to dive in and create the perfect video that has been playing in their mind.” 

You can learn more about Luxea and ACD Systems over at


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