Adding Special Characters Such as © or ™ to Video Titles etc.

A question I see a lot in various video editing Facebook groups and the like is how to get special characters into titles. You know the ones – common examples are £ ©  Ø ™ and °

I have seen many in frustration simply take a graphic image and add it as a separate layer or track depending on the NLE you use, and then juggle things to get it in the right position.

But there is a far better (and easier) way.

These symbols – and there of dozens of ‘em – are represented by what is known as the ASCII table, which is a bit of a throwback to early days of computing that still actually stands today. In simple terms, each printable (typeable) character has a corresponding code number consisting of up to four digits.

For example, the letter “A” is 065 and the exclamation mark (!) is 033. Even the DEL key has one (0127). The full range of alphanumeric characters is from 032 to 0127. Below 032 is reserved for “special” stuff that relate to older systems such as teletypes and telex and are of little use to you.

However above 0127 (0128 – 0255) is another set called the ASCII Extended set, and this is where these sneaky little copyright, trademark etc symbols sit among some other graphical characters as shown below (you can see the complete table at

ASCII Extended table.jpg

So now you know what these symbols are, and their numeric counterpart how do you get them into your titling package or NLE?

Simples! as Mr Alexander would say!

First you hold down the ALT key on your keyboard, and then on the numeric keypad (NOT the numbers across the top), you enter the code including any trailing ‘0’. So, for example, to get the copyright symbol is ALT+0169.

Aha you say! But I don’t have an ALT key as I use a Mac! So, what then smart boy?

Just as simple, instead of the ALT key use the OPTION key and follow this chart – instead. So in the same example, holding down OPTION <OP> + r gives you copyright (©) and <op>+ 2 gives the trademark symbol (™).

And no, I don’t know why its different either, but I am just the messenger here so don’t shoot me.



  1. Option-R is the R in a circle
    Option-G is the C in a circle
    Option-2 for the TM
    And plenty of others are easy to type on a Mac. Use the Keyboard Viewer to figure them all out.

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