Adobe Creative Cloud Updates

Over the past few weeks Adobe has announced multiple new product updates to its Creative Cloud products. We have consolidated and are sharing them below:

Adobe XD: has introduced a new way to create and share different design flows in Adobe XD. This new feature, Multiple Flows, will help you spend more time designing and less time doing repetitive management work. For more detail on Multiple Flow please see the blog post here.

Adobe Character Animator: updates help to accelerate traditional animation workflows, capturing performances in real-time and even livestreaming animation. The Character Animator team is working hard to support aspiring and experienced animators with new features and workflows to make the animation process even more efficient. For the full details of the updates, please visit the Adobe Blog.

Fresco: updates include a new Clipping Masks tool for clipping layers and defining the boundaries of drawn content, as well as a new Brushes Management tool allowing users to decide which Pixel brushes to show or hide. You can check out new features including the Clipping Masks tool at this tutorial here, the Vector Trimming tool at this tutorial here, and also find details from the blog post here.

For more information on the announcements and Adobe news please visit the Adobe Blog.


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