Adobe Photoshop Camera. Apparently it’s quite good …

Prior to some really big stuff about to drop next week (think Photoshop, Lightroom, Rush etc), Adobe has today announced Photoshop Camera, an application designed to allow the everyday user to muck about with their photos by simulating different lenses.

Think Instagram filters for photographers with added single malt whisky as against the normal metho mixed with passionfruit cordial.

It is a free app for your phone, driven by AI Adobe says, that lets you add various lens effects and filters to your photos. And new lenses are being created by some famous people (well I am told they are famous) and made available to you.

The sad part is though, despite having an up to date Huawei Android phone and an older Samsung Galaxy one, neither of them are deemed “compatible” so I cannot really tell you much more than what Adobe has on its website!

In the briefing yesterday I did make the comment that learning how to actually use a camera might be coming to an end with apps such as this, but then again, this proves this is not exactly the case. Not right now anyway.

This is the first time in my experience that an app has not worked on either. DJI is common for one of the other, and Adobe’s own RUSH doesn’t work on the Huawei, but I am sure I have never seen an app that doesn’t work on either.

So, go to to get more info.


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