Adobe Updates to Creative Cloud Apps

Today, Adobe announced updates across Creative Cloud apps, including Fresco, Substance 3D Collection and Mixamo, Premiere Pro, After Effects and Character Animator. These updates help streamline creatives’ workflows and launches brand new integrations with popular 3D tool, Blender. Full updates include:

  • Adobe Fresco: Edit non-destructively with Adjustment Layers, perfectly place items with Graph Grids and the Precision panel, expanded preferences with custom Settings Panel, and masking support in iPad and Windows. Also new in Windows: in-app discoverable brush libraries by Kyle T. Webster.
  • Adobe Substance 3D Collection & Mixamo: Introducing a new Blender Plug-Ins for Substance 3D and Mixamo Auto-Control Rig for richer 3D and AR content creation – streamlining workflows for 3D artists across 3D artists across gaming, VFX, animation, product design and more.
  • Premiere Pro: With Speech to Text, Premiere Pro is the only NLE offering an integrated and automated workflow for creating transcripts and captions – included at no additional cost with a Premiere Pro or Creative Cloud all apps subscription.
  • After Effects: New Multi-Frame Rendering features are now available in public Beta, including faster previews and renders, a reimagined render queue and more to make the workflow even faster.
  • Additional Video Updates: Premiere Pro and Character Animator shipping with native support for M1-powered Macs, improved titling and caption styling tools in Essential Graphics Panel, upgrade Legacy Titles into Source Graphics, optimized Scene Edit Detection in Premiere Pro, Puppet Maker and Body Tracker in public Beta for Character Animator.

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