Another Miller Innovation (and Miller is Australian you know!)

Miller Camera Support Equipment announces the release of the Solo-Q tripod, with the new Q-lock. An innovative addition to the renowned Solo tripod, Q-lock improves speed and efficiency.

“Solo, introduced by Miller in 2003, became an overnight success, as a sturdy, spreader-less, and lightweight tripod. In 2009, Rapid lock was announced, improving Solo’s speed of set up significantly. Over 40,000 Solo tripods later, Miller is adding Q-Lock and renaming Solo to Solo-Q,” says Charles Montesin, Global Director of Sales and Marketing, Miller Camera Support.  “Miller’s quest for innovation is in the company’s DNA, started by Bob Miller when he created the first fluid head.  Now Miller introduces the patented Q-Lock, continuing the tradition.” 

Solo-Q is a professional tripod, compatible with industry standard 75 & 100mm ball levelling pan and tilt heads. Although its design supports cameras in studio, it is ideally suited for on-location work because of its flexibility and portability. The creative design, precision manufacturing, and quality finish deliver rigidity, durability, versatility and longevity.

The design eliminates the need for a spreader with an innovative leg angle control that incorporates a safety lock to ensure quick and easy setting of the tripod. Each leg has height markings enabling easy accuracy and consistency of set ups. The leg locks tighten with just a quarter of a turn for rapid set up.

The newly featured and patented Q-lock delivers a fast way to unlock and lock away the tripod.

It is easy to use. Provided all the leg locks are loosened the legs will drop down completely when the Q-lock button is pressed. Drop one leg, determine the height you want and tighten the rapid locks. Drop the other legs to the same length and tighten.

When the shoot is finished, loosen the rapid locks and push all the legs together into its transport position. The Q-lock will automatically latch on.

The Solo-Q series will comprise of two 75mm bowl tripods, cat# 2500 two-stage and 2505 three-stage, and two 100mm bowl, cat# 2515 two-stage and cat# 2520 three stage. These tripods are made of Carbon Fibre.

2500      SOLO-Q 75 2-STG TRIPOD CF

2505      SOLO-Q 75 3-STG TRIPOD CF

2515      SOLO-Q 100 2-STG TRIPOD CF

2520      SOLO-Q 100 3-STG TRIPOD CF

See  for more info and pricing.



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