Are SD cards the new cassette tape?

Here is a quick ditty courtesy of our friends at Panasonic Professional (Broadcast) but applies equally to the weekend snapper or the full blown professional shooter.

Remember the “good old days” when you would come back to your car on a hot summer’s day to find your favourite cassette tape – perhaps Dire Straits or (shudder) Sade – on your dashboard all twisted and mangled.

Here is the 2018 version …

“We had a couple of Panasonic SDXC card failures reported and we arranged to have them sent to us. Careful analysis in a lab in Japan determined that the SD cards had actually been bent, causing them to fail.

Not making any assumptions on how such things occur, but please take care of your media. Use a protective case and don’t leave them sitting on the hot dash of your car. And offload them as soon as you gingerly eject them from your camera and gently insert them in your computer.”

Thanks to Mitch Gross Panasonic (Facebook) for this one. (And yes, we do use Panasonic SD cards – the gold ones here at FV^VR)

Seer the full thread here.

Panny SD cards.png



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