Are You a Teacher? These Tips Might Be Useful, Considering…

I was chatting to an old friend this morning, a lecturer at Swinburne Uni (where coincidentally I have just started doing an online Bachelor of Media and Communications over the next 4 years online).

In this chat, she mentioned that because of the switch to online teaching / learning as a consequence of this dratted BeerVirus, a LOT of people are having to do crash courses in self teaching of video creation and all the things that go with it. These include audio, lighting, writing, special effects and so on.

So here at Chez AuscamOnline, we have decided to put some serious resources into creating these.

Now if you are a seasoned and grizzled old shooter or soundie, these will be of utterly no use to you :  you have this known stuff since Noah wanted to buy a life jacket.

But we hope for those others whose sole experience up until now was possible learning how to hit the shutter button of their smartphone, they might be of some use.

While we ramp up, here are some we prepared earlier. And if you have any ideas for specific things, pleased drop me a line at, via PM on our Facebook page or indeed, you can call me on the old fashioned telling-bone thing that rings occasionally when not being used for Instagram snaps on (+61) 0456952227

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