Attention Filmmakers: A new Australian Videocamera initiative JUST for you!

I am adding a new section to Australian Videocamera magazine’s website called “Showcase”. Its aim is to provide you, the filmmaker, with a way of reaching an audience with your short film, feature, docco or whatever other project you have.
We have an audience of over 400,000 regulars, and this includes many people in the industry, so this is a great way to get free exposure and contact with those that matter. And each week, we’ll highlight one specific project in our newsletter.
All it takes is 10 minutes of your time to send me via email ( 

• The name of the project
• Its YouTube or Vimeo URL
• The main camera used in shooting (eg GH5)
• Editing software used (eg Adobe Premiere Pro)
• A short synopsis
• Your name
• Your contact details
• Your location (town/suburb and country)

Ideally also, a single screen shot from the set would be great too!

Additionally, if you have any thoughts or ideas, please let me know!

David Hague
Managing Editor
Australian Videocamera

Welcome! 👋
It’s nice to meet you.

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