Australia Right Now. A Comment.

I know this is a video camera / filmmaking site, but let’s face it, what is happening here in Australia right now is affecting all of use. And we all have an opinion and thoughts.
These are mine. AGree or disagree; that is your wont. But I am sure we all see one thing. SOMETHING needs to be done ….
Feel free to comment at the bottom. I welcome your thoughts.
Surely this is the perfect time to come forward and make a name for yourself. Someone in Government that is.
I hate to think how much infrastructure has been lost over the last few weeks and months, but – and I am no expert I freely admit – if it were me, right now I would be saying:
“Screw the idiotic surplus. Let’s actually USE that money to rebuild”.
I understand $2 billion has just been announced to rebuild bushfire smashed towns, villages and hamlets over the next 2 years. But there are other things that can and should be done too to mitigate against another similar situation.
For example, I doubt many people even know that between the East and West sides of the country – Sydney to Perth if you will – there is only ONE sealed road, barring going via Darwin, which as nice as Darwin is, makes for a bit of a long around 8000Km or 5000 Miles. Or roughly twice the distance.
(For overseas friends 8000Km is equivalent to 1600 Km MORE than London to New York by air, or equivalent to London – Cape Town in South Africa near as dammit)
That’s a hell of a long way to cart fruit and veg and stuff, but that is what goes on the existing road every day – or as many call it, “across the Nullarbor”. Both ways.
(The “Nullarbor” part is only a very small portion of the crossing by the way, about 140Km / 80 miles or so)
Right now it is closed due to bushfire, and apparently will remain so for quite some days. I would suggest this alone is going to cost a few million, not to mention possibly send some truckies broke.
The answer would be another road, possibly following the existing East – West railway line – the Indian Pacific- further inland? One that is also “all-weather” as much as it can be in this country of extremes.
The north west of Western Australia has long been looked at for a lot of things not the least being a monstrous source of fresh water, enormous super-high tides with potential for power generation and some of the richest soil in on Earth as well as the existing minerals already being plundered from it (by mostly multi-nationals it has to be said).
There is an enormous amount of potential in the NW of WA alone but up to know has either been “too hard” or badly investigated and managed. (Remember the cotton farms in Kununurra anyone? What a disaster that was).
I am sure there are many more ideas that could be mooted and seriously looked at. Over the years there has been lots, and mostly discarded due to “cost”. Right now is NOT the time to be thinking of money I’d venture, but the time to invest in this country to minimise these sorts of disasters happening again at best, or at worst, minimising their effects.
And think of the longer-term future of the country and its people. And by connection, the rest of the world too. Not how long to the next bloody general election.
Who in the government, or even which government, is brave enough to say:
“Enough! This partisan party crap has to STOP. We are servants of the people, put here BY the people. Now let’s stop acting like spoiled, privileged toddlers in kindergarten, and actually DO what we are PAID handsomely for and EXPECTED to do!”
Someone, anyone, who will LEAD and do by example.
I’d pay to see that.

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