Avast there ye Landlubber, anyone for a bit o’ high seas multimedia?

Keeping luxury vessel guests entertained at sea demanded a dependable multimedia solution based around an ATEN control system.

ATEN ANZ, thas announced their contract with New Zealand based maritime technology provider, Global Marine Technology Services, to fit high-end multimedia solutions within their luxury vessels.

Catering for up to six guest cabins, along with 16 crew, GMTS needed an onboard multimedia solution which was:
● Straightforward to install, with as few complicated setups as possible
● Easy to maintain, with spare parts available world-wide
● Simple to use, with click-and-play or connect-and-play functionality.
● Able to stream video from personal devices, without the need to reach for an extra controller to turn on equipment or adjust volume.

We wanted something that was simple, easy to configure and change, but also was built in modules,” says GMTS.

The answer was a high-end multimedia solution built around the ATEN Control System – a standard Ethernet-based management system which connects all the hardware devices on the vessel to provide centralised control via a mobile device or tablet.

ATEN Solutions for Entertainment on Maritime Vessels

The system relies on ATEN VK2100 and compact VK1100 control boxes, which serve as central platforms for connecting devices. The control boxes support various interface connections, a Web GUI for easy system configuration, a USB port for easy profile upload and an IR learning function for adding infrared device drivers.

Throughout the vessel, the system also incorporates ATEN VK-248 relay boxes, wired up as a Stew Call system. Pressing a button triggers a relay which is connected to a Panasonic PABX system. This rings a series of phones in the Crew Areas, with the message field showing the location.

iPad Control – Simple and Elegant

Aten’s VK6000 Configurator Software streamlines and simplifies complicated hardware setup. Operation for any room, and control of any device, can be customised in a viewer which includes a personally-designed GUI that fits perfectly on the tablet or mobile device’s screen. GMTS uses the Apple iPad.

The ATEN Control System Mobile App imports and updates profiles from the controller, offering the ability to control hardware devices via simple point-n-tap operations from a customised GUI. User access to any device can be password-protected for system security. 

Our customer was extremely surprised, in our industry it’s quite hard to find a product that works seamlessly all the way throughout but this ATEN system really does, it really sets the standard.


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