AVID at IBC 2019

Avid is making waves with some essential solutions and updates just announced—in case you missed it, here’s a breakdown of what’s new and improved.

Media Management

MediaCentral l Publisher, a new SaaS offering powered by Wildmoka, enables media producers to create content, add graphics and branding, and publish news and sports videos quickly to stay ahead of the competition.

There is more here on the Avid website

Video Post-Production

Avid’s flagship video editing system Media Composer 2019 is reimagined for today’s—and tomorrow’s—generation of media makers, with a new user experience and a customizable role-based interface built for large teams.

There is more here on the Avid website

Storage Solutions

FastServe | Ingest, Live Edit, and Playout are tightly integrated with Avid NEXIS and MediaCentral to accelerate ingest, editing, and playout workflows while supporting higher channel counts and a lower overall cost.

There is more here on the Avid website

Cloud Storage

IBC marked the European debut of Avid NEXIS | Cloudspaces™, a powerful tool that takes the stress out of media management by auto-provisioning cloud storage to leverage the power of Microsoft Azure.

There is more here on the Avid website

Audio Post-Production

From master music creators and aspiring artists to top-echelon audio post professionals and engineers, Pro Tools 2019 enables you to work faster with more creative flexibility and collaboration on the most complex projects.

There is more here on the Avid website

Audio Mixing

The new Avid S4 brings the power of Pro Tools | S6 to budget-conscious professionals, while the soon-to-be-delivered Avid S1 gives you the speed and software integration you need to deliver better-sounding mixes faster.

There is more here on the Avid website





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