Blackmagic Design Announces Cintel 2.1 Update

Free Cintel 2.1 Update adds enhanced stabilization, live audio preview and smaller file sizes for all Cintel film scanner customers

Blackmagic Design today announced a free Cintel 2.1 software update which adds powerful new features such as compressed RAW recording, live audio preview and small film reel support, as well as enhanced film stabilization and more to Cintel Scanners. The new Cintel 2.1 Update can be downloaded free from the Blackmagic Design website.

The Cintel 2.1 Update adds incredible new fully automatic image stabilization with sub pixel accuracy to Cintel Scanners. The new stabilization even works if source film has badly damaged or missing film perforations. This update also adds two new features designed to reduce file sizes. Images can now be cropped so only the active image area is saved in the file. In addition, Cintel film scanner customers can now choose to save images using Blackmagic Design’s visually lossless compressed RAW format. The combination of these two features results in dramatically smaller file sizes.

When used with the Cintel Audio and KeyKode reader, customers will now get a live audio preview while scanning. This works similar to a traditional tape recorder where customer can scrub back and forth and hear the audio speed up and slow down. In addition, this update adds new optical audio equalization for flatter response and a new slow advance feature so customers can slowly advance the film by simply holding down the frame advance buttons.

Cintel 2.1 Update also improves artifact handling in the highlight areas of negative images, supports small film reels, better keykode alignment so now keykode is aligned to the back edge of code instead of the front, and an image flipping option when reading audio from negative.

Cintel film scanners are being used around the world to convert precious film libraries into Ultra HD,” said Grant Petty, Blackmagic Design CEO. “The new Cintel 2.1 Update is exciting because it gives customers incredibly powerful new features, such as smaller files and incredible stabilization that will help them save even damaged film. Plus, the update is totally free of charge which means customers don’t have to pay for these new features!

Availability and Price

Cintel 2.1 Update is available now for free download from the Blackmagic Design website.

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