Building a tabletop dolly / crane combo – with Meccano

Can it be done? We’ll try it and see!

PAHCV180GN_panasonic_hc_v180_video_cameraI have been putting some thoughts lately into making a miniature dolly to handle tabletop work using the baby Panasonic HC-V180 camcorder, and have played with the idea of PVC pipe tracks and inline skater wheels – as you do.

But as an avid Meccano fan, I wondered if I could build a motorized one, complete with a built in crane?

gopro 5.jpgSo, I have decided to try. The basis for the model is the attached photo, but of course, being Meccano, it may (probably will) end up looking totally different!

5256502_rd.jpgAnd I may switch the Panny for a GoPro, or at least make them interchangeable. And even add the 360Fly 360 degree camera option whilst I am about it.

This is going to be fun. I’ll document the process as we go along and keep you posted.

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