Calling all photographers and videographers interested in a career in the creative industries.

Canon tells us that it’s Red Straps youth mentoring program is back and registrations are now open. The press release below explains

Canon Australia is calling on young content creators aged 16-24 years to sign up for its free 12-week Canon Red Straps youth mentoring program. Uniquely designed around a youth-mindset, Red Straps 2020 aims to help hobbyist photographers and filmmakers realise a future career in the creative industries by unlocking new skillsets and providing access to inspiring young professional mentors who are already pursuing this career path.

Back for a second year, Red Straps 2020 is taking a fresh virtual approach to the program and is enabling up to 1,000 young content creators from every corner of the country to participate.

Commencing early August, the intensive 12-week program will comprise six online educational modules covering topics such as: how to kickstart a business; how to navigate clients; how to master content capture and editing, how to market your portfolio and more.

Under the guidance of Canon Australia experts and two young professional mentors – Photography Mentor, Matt Cherubino, and Videography Mentor, Aaron Busch – each fortnightly module will involve a one-hour tutorial, after which a creative challenge will be set for students to complete, submit for expert critique, and finesse over the next week. The result will see students take their first steps to building a professional-quality body of work while being supported by a collaborative and inspiring group of like-minded and relatable people.

“Canon’s purpose is to help content creators do more than they thought possible – not just through our products, but by helping creators adopt an industry-leading mindset and feel supported by a community of passionate and knowledgeable people. Red Straps is so important because it tailors this mission in a way that is useful and applicable for the next generation,” says Nina Spannari, General Manager – Marketing and Consumer Experience, Canon Australia.

The Red Straps program is designed to dispel any misconceptions that young people might have that a career driven by their talent and passion for storytelling can’t offer them lucrative success and happiness.”

In completing the initial program, 10 participants will be selected as cadets and will receive an additional three-weeks of virtual one-on-one mentoring to further elevate their skills and business acumen.

Registration for Red Straps 2020 is open until 3rd August 2020 via the Canon website here.



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