Canon expands its UHDgc series with two world-first portable zoom lenses for 2/3-inch format 4K broadcast cameras

Canon Australia today announces the expansion of its industry-leading 4K broadcast series with the launch of two world-first[i] zoom lenses for 4K broadcast cameras employing 2/3-inch sensors: the CJ18ex28B and CJ15ex8.5B. Catering to a wide variety of broadcast scenarios, the new Canon lenses enable 4K optical performance while maintaining excellent maneuverability and handling comparable to that of Canon’s lenses for HD broadcast cameras. Meeting the wide-ranging needs of documentary, live event and sports productions, these new additions to Canon’s UHDgc series lineup[ii] are the ideal choice for broadcasters looking to future-proof their content when shifting to 4K systems and workflows.

Going beyond industry standards

Last year, Canon celebrated the 60th anniversary of its broadcasting lens business. The launch of the CJ18ex28B and CJ15ex8.5B continues Canon’s long-standing commitment to supporting the industry with innovative and optically excellent products. By employing fluorite and Ultra-Low Dispersion (UD) glass – and proprietary optical designs that place these materials in optimal positions – the lenses also suppress such chromatic aberrations as colour bleeding and fringing to realise accurate colour reproduction all the way to the peripheral areas of the image. Lens coating technology and design prevent reflections within the lens barrel, reducing ghosting and flaring to allow broadcasters to shoot high-tonality images with the clarity and contrast required for HDR/WCG.

CJ18ex28B– a compact 4K broadcast lens with superb zoom

The first portable 4K broadcast telephoto lens in the 2/3” UHD  broadcast lens category, the CJ18ex28B offers an 18x zoom ratio covering a focal length range from 28mm at the wide end to 500mm at the telephoto, achieving a focal length of 1000mm at the telephoto end when using the built-in 2x extender. The ability to record detail in high-quality from afar makes this lens perfect for shooting documentary, wildlife and live events. In addition to this, the lens design has achieved the same compact, lightweight body as conventional HD lenses, enabling dynamic shooting styles with outstanding portability – ensuring the excellent mobility required for broadcasters shooting outside a studio and when endurance is key.

CJ15ex8.5B – unique image stabilisation

The CJ15ex8.5B supports Canon’s exclusive Vari-Angle Prism (VAP) Image Stabilizer – a tilting optical axis which corrects blur caused by motion, changing the angle of the high refractive index liquid placed between two layers of glass. The image stabilisation provides broadcasters with excellent control of footage captured over the entire zoom range – from wide angle to telephoto – perfect for broadcasters shooting on bumpy terrain or from transport, such as those on the move capturing cycling or running events. The ergonomically designed grip on both the CJ18ex28B and CJ15ex8.5B also offers an excellent feel and ease-of-use during operation, no matter the shooting scenario. The grip is designed to fit comfortably in the hand, easing strain on camera operators shooting for long periods of time. 

Paul Stewart, Senior Manager – Canon Professional Business, Canon Australia commented:

“For over 60 years, Canon’s broadcast lens business continues to offer optically excellent lenses that push creative boundaries. The CJ18ex28B and CJ15ex8.5B further demonstrates Canon’s commitment to supporting broadcasters with innovative technologies that stimulate creativity and deliver superb results. These new portable lenses enable dynamic shooting styles with outstanding mobility and portability, ensuring the optimal performance for a wide range of shooting situations”.  


The CJ18ex28B and CJ15ex8.5B lenses will ship in Australia from July 2019 with pricing set at dealer discretion.

CJ18ex28B key features:

  • 4K resolution from center to the edge of the lens
  • BT.2020 Wide Color Gamut and High Dynamic Range support
  • Super-telephoto shooting of 500mm (maximum 1000mm when using 2.0x extender)

CJ15ex8.5B key features:

  • 4K resolution across the entire zoom range
  • BT.2020 Wide Color Gamut and High Dynamic Range support
  • Vari-Angle Prism Optical Stabilization

[i] The CJ18ex28B is the most-telephoto lens (i.e. longest focal length of up to 500mm; or up to 1000mm when using the built-in 2x extender) in the 2/3” UHD portable broadcast lens category; and the CJ15ex8.5B is the first 2/3” UHD portable broadcast lens to carry Canon’s VAP image stabiliser technology.

[ii] Both lenses sit in Canon’s UHDgc lens series – a popular class of 2/3” 4K broadcast camera lenses that deliver operability consistent with HD lenses.

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