Caring for Lithium batteries

The world of the humble battery has evolved dramatically over the last few years. The use of Lithium in batteries – everything from “AAA” to 120 A/h and bigger units –  has changed the way we use batteries and even think about them.

But with the change, has come some things you need to know about Lithium batteries, and from my part time gig at the local Jaycar, I have discovered some stuff I didn’t know that I thought I’d pass on so you get the maximum life and use of any Lithium batteries you have.

  • Never use a “fast” charger, they burn out your batteries faster than a proper charger designed for Lithium.
  • Lithium-ion batteries live longer when you charge more frequently, but for less time, so always partial charge, never deep cycle.
  • Keeping your battery between 30% and 70% will give a longer life. Regularly going above or below those numbers will wear your battery down more quickly.
  • Heat deteriorates your battery faster so make sure you store your batteries in a cool place.
  • By charging your battery to 40% it will last longer if storing your battery for an extended period of time,
  • If travelling, make sure to pack your batteries in carry-on luggage and tape the terminals to avoid short-circuiting.




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