Reviews: Action (Drones, "Action Cams", Accessories etc

Review: GoPro Lens Mod

Yes, yes, I know these cameras already have lots of built in stables but adding the Lens Mod upgrades the camera with Max HyperSmooth plus it will let you shoot at 2.7K / 60 frames a second AND at an ultrawide 155° field of view. […]

Reviews: Action (Drones, "Action Cams", Accessories etc

Review: GoPro Media Mod

he Media Mod is a casing that the GoPro 8,  9 or 10 fits into but leaving access to the front and rear screens.  It works similarly to shell cases that previous GoPro models used, with a snap down hinge to lock it into place. One major difference with the Media Mod though is that the battery / SD card cover needs to come off thus rendering any waterproofing inoperative. […]

Drones and Action Cams

Are there other options than DJI Fly for my drone? Yes, yes there is…

As you can now gather, there are some major differences between DJI Fly and Litchi, with Litchi having far more features such as a Simulator Mode and more diverse (and I think easier to use) Camera Settings. Ones I am particularly looking forwarding to testing are those associated with waypoints and following / tracking. […]