New Pyro Feature in Cinema 4D

There is a new design explosive and flaming feature called Pyro in the 3D animation and modelling package Cinema 4D for both Mac and Windows.

I have been using Cinema for years – version 3 as I recall was where I started and it is now at version 25! I was blown away when it was only 3 and was stunned at what it could do – now the sky is literally the limit. If you want to have a look at some of the work done that relates to video and moving making, see the showcase below.

Anyway, if you are interested i the Pyro feature, Maxon has creative webinars on Mondays in December, as the Maxon Training Team shows you how to design explosive and flaming scenes using the brand-new Pyro feature in Cinema 4D.

In the first week it looks at the subject of Combustible techniques:

“When fire meets the fuel, the inferno grows. Ignite your creative sparks with Master trainers Lionel Vicidomini and Dustin Valkema as they take you through Pyro to help you set your designs afire with combustible techniques in Cinema 4D which are then simulated on the GPU or CPU”

Click here to register or find out more. And if you can’t make the time, all sessions are available for streaming after the event.

Demystifying Post-ProductionWonderful World Of Particles

Monday July 4th

Join the Maxon Training Team every Monday in July as we explore a wide variety of tools for creating particles in post-production, featuring Cinema 4D, Redshift, X-Particles, After Effects, Particular, Houdini, and Unreal Engine.

We’ll cover a brief history of particles, explore workflows for different situations, show unconventional creative treatments, and help you transfer your particle knowledge across multiple tools.

For the first week, Master Trainer and particle expert Lionel Vicidomini kicks off the series by looking at the variety of methods you can use natively in Cinema 4D to create and manipulate particles, including standard particles, forcefield, particles on a spline, and clever ways to use the MoGraph tools. You’ll see that Cinema 4D is a very capable tool for creating amazing scenes of dancing particles!

Register Here

Missed a session? Don’t worry, watch all the recordings here.

Free Maxon Training

Join The Maxon team every Monday in May, as the Maxon Training Team expand your Redshift knowledge by introducing you to new features and workflows, helping you create beautiful images, and render them faster!

But we need your help for this. In a fun and interactive series, our trainers are going to be sabotaged by you, the community! Each week, you will have the power to challenge the instructor by removing their ability to use a common tool in a normal workflow, forcing them to find creative workarounds to finalize their piece of work.

The idea behind this training series is to see how different artists work under pressure, and help you expand the tools you use in Redshift.

Join in the poll at the start of each week, and see Redshift experts Elly Wade, Dustin Valkema and Lionel Vicidomini share their creative process in real time. Watch them explore workarounds and find alternate innovative solutions, navigating the creative challenges set by you!


Missed a session? Don’t worry, watch all the recordings here.

The Benefits of Cloud Editing with Avid | Edit On Demand

Navigate your way through media production in cloud, for any post production facility!

In this webinar, Film producer Peter Phok based in LA, and assistant editor Scott Milligan based in New Zealand, will talk about the benefits of cloud solutions for feature film, it’s accessibility for post production facilities of all sizes, and how Avid | Edit On Demand increased capacity for collaboration on global productions.

Register now to learn how emerging technologies reduce the pain of cross-continental workflows.

The “Discord” Community

I have been using Greyscale Gorilla for a few years now in order to learn more about 3D in general and Cinema 4D specifically. Their training (and the intro of 3-4 hours of lessons or so is free) is simply brilliant.

The have just announced (well to me anyway) a community they have set up called “Discord” and are inviting those interested in 3D to join.

I cannot vouch for it as I haven’t (as yet anyway), so I am just at this stage passing this along. You can get more info at this link.

Let me know what you think? 

Green Screen and FX Webinar

Videomaker is holding this tomorrow 20th Jan 2022 (Australian time). To quote the invite:

“Using green screens and special effects can allow you to create realistic scenes that would otherwise be impossible. Contrary to popular belief, most special effects are affordable and easy to create. Our Multimedia Editor, Chris Monlux, will cover setups, placements, lighting and post-production tips for excellent green screen results in your next production.”

Register here.