Christmas Gift Ideas AND FV^VR’s best products of 2018

We are compiling a list of Chrissy “gift’ ideas for the shooter / editor / writers etc among us. (Yes we know that normally these “gift” ideas are way out of the league of most people to buy ’em for us, so we are working on what we might treat ourselves to – and hang the expense. We all aspire to a Ferrari don\’t we?

Well, don’t we?).

Additionally, our best products of 2018 are being put together by the FV^VR crew, and we’ll have that finished very shortly too.

Stay tuned!

In the meantime, you tell US what you think are the best products. Interesting categories are:

  • Best camcorder
  • Best dSLR
  • Best Micro 4/3rds
  • Best “action” cam
  • Best drone
  • Best accessory (hardware)
  • Best editing software
  • Best plug-in

Leave your comments below!



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