Closed Captioning? Is it a necessity these days? What do YOU think? (And win!)

Back in the “old days” of web development when I first started (in 1997 using a brilliant product at the time called NetObjects Fusion of which I also wrote the IDG “Bible” – a 700 page tome of love not money sadly) using ALT tags on imagery was a given.

Some say in the US, it was actual law (although I never, ever saw the particular piece of legislation).

The reason, it was accepted, was that vision impaired people were using electronic  “readers” to browse web pages, and as they couldn’t see imagery, the ALT tag was the substitute as the reader could transcribe it for them.

So, today I beg the question: with so much video on the web from multitudes of sources, should adding closed captions – from Facebook to Twitter to short film comps to full on TV episodes and movies – be a “mandatory” thing?

All the major packages – Vegas, Premiere, AVID, FCP X et al support them so there is no excuse.

Do you add captions? If not, why not? Are they too hard to implement? What would make them easier? Any other gripes?

Your thoughts? Please leave them as comments here!

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