DJI Air2s Mastershots

I mentioned last week I had received the new DJI Air2S drone. I’ve been reading the manual and getting to know the beast as sadly the weather has not been amenable to flying the last few days.

I did tell you this particular model has been designed with the cinematographer in mind, and central to this is the 1” sensor. But another major new feature is what DJI call Mastershots.

This uses advanced intelligence to get you the best shots with simply a tap. To use Mastershots when flying, select your subject and the drone will film using 10 different maneuvers in sequence all the while keeping the subject in the centre of the frame. It will then automatically generate a short cinematic video for you.

For more info and to see samples, go to Hopefully I’ll have some of my own Mastershots to show very soon.

Until then, enjoy a series of shots by DJI drone expert, Matt Komo


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