DJI Flight Sim Now Available for Windows and Android. Yay!

I reckon they kept this quiet …

For quite some time if you had a DJI drone, specifically the FPV or now the AVATA, and wanted to learn to fly without the risk of crashing, you could use the virtual flight simulator from  the DJI website.

With a caveat.

You had to run the simulator on iOS. Major bummer as Neil would say.

But quite by accident I found out yesterday that DJI has quietly released not just an Android version of the simulator that is designed for the AVATA but also works with the FPV, but has also released a Windows version of the same!

Goody, goody gumdrops I say!

You can download the Android (1.4GB) and Windows (3GB)) version here. Due to the sizes they take a while as the DJI servers are not noted for their speediness in my experience.

Some useful tutorials on their installation and usage can be see on YouTube here and here.



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