DJI OSMO Pocket… errr… No… Why? Read on…

Now let’s see; a mini gimbal camera that supports 12 Megapixels up to 4K 60p – and from the mighty DJI.

So it must be good right?

Well no. Not because of the specs – these are REALLY good – but the basic design and associated activation mechanisms are ridiculously flawed.

You see, unless you have a smartphone with a USB-C connection, you cannot use the Osmo Pocket. Not only is the USB-C connection needed to have the smartphone used as a monitor . controller etc through the DJI MIMO app, you cannot even activate the damn thing to make it actually, you know, work! At all. Nuffin’. Zip. Zilch. It’s a dead OSMO.

What in all that is sane were DJI thinking?

In short; if you were going to stump up the $600+ to buy a DJI Osmo Pocket, but don’t have a smartphone with a USB-C port (or a Lightning port where an adaptor is needed, but this restricts you to iPhones of course), forget it.

Apparently, looking at the replies from DJI in various OSMO forums online, even a USB-C to micro USB adaptor probably won’t work.  Nor will a wireless connection.

See? I said, what the hell were they thinking? Save your $600. (And the $1000 more you’d have to spend to make it work by buying a new phone most likely)

See if you need confirmation. I have asked DJI for thier thoughts on this and will report back when I get an answer (more likely “if” in reality as DJI are not strong on replying to things directly).

Its a damn shame as there is REAL potential here.

WHAT a bastard. I was so looking forward to reviewing this… I even lined up a major Motorcross meeting for it in my local town, Manjimup. Oh well, I will have some stories from tomorrow on it, including how to shoot, the things you need, stuff to do and NOT to do and lots more.

And  some interesting other stuff too (if you want to be a motor sport videographer stay tuned!)




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