DJI Specials – just so you know …

It’s one of those silly season times of the year when for one reason or another, tech companies decide it is time to discount some products. First out of the blocks we have seen is DJI.

There are some good deals here I admit (particularly the Osmo Pocket)for a Mother’s Day present?

Mavic 2 Pro – Perfect for aerial photographers, the Mavic 2 Pro conquers the sky with 10-bit HDR video and advanced drone technology.

Promotional Price: AUD $2,199 (Save AUD $300)


– Tello’s lightweight and durable design not only lets you perform stunts and tricks, shoot quick videos, but also lets your kids learn about coding.

Promotional Price: AUD $129 (Save $40)

Osmo Pocket

– Compact and intelligent, the Osmo Pocket turns any moment or special occasion into a cinematic memory with ease and stability.

Promotional Price: AUD $499 (Save AUD $100)

Osmo Action

– Unleash your other side with the Osmo Action and capture all your action adventures on the ground and under water.

Promotional Price: AUD $369 (Save AUD $130)

Osmo Mobile 3 Combo

– Transform your smartphone videos with Osmo Mobile 3, the Osmo Grip Tripod, and the Osmo Carrying Case.

Promotional Price: AUD $169 (Save AUD $20)

Ronin-SC Pro Combo

– The Ronin-SC Pro Combo features a Focus Motor, Focus Wheel, and other accessories, granting you more creative possibilities.

Promotional Price: AUD $599 (Save AUD $110)


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