Shortly, we will be bringing in a website subscription model, but will keep the costs as low as we can and allow some leeway. You will be able to read 3 articles on the website in any 3 day period; after that you will need to subscribe at AUD$5.95 for access to ALL content for a six month period.

Secondly, as of the first of January 2019, instead of, as in the past, a monthly 48 or so page edition of FV^VR being emailed out to subscribers, we have changed to a model more attuned to what we perceive are the current market needs (from what YOU tell us!).

In short, instead of one monthly edition, there will now be four, with three of these geared to specific market sections. These will be sent out in approximately 2 week stages

First cab off the rank will be a “Social Media / Enthusiast ”, aimed at the novice, occasional filmmaker and, as the name suggests, the social media video creator. This will contain news, information, reviews and tutorials aimed squarely at that market – but of course there will be a percentage of content here that is also of interest to the more experienced who make short films, movies for festivals and for the video enthusiast.

This second group, the “Short Film Maker / Specialist Videographer“, will also have an edition aimed at their interests, featuring higher end hardware and software reviews, tutorials, calendars of upcoming festivals and competitions, etc.

The third edition for the month will be driven by the demands of the broadcast and ENG professional involved in such disciplines as electronic news gathering, high end hardware, broadcast, full length movie making, cutting edge VFX, compositing and so on.

Finally, there will be a generic edition containing information we think will be of interest to all three groups.

It is expected the page count for each will be no more than 18 pages tops, making it an easy read.

After a 3 month grace period commencing January 1st 2019,
(during which everyone will receive ALL editions), we will be charging a nominal fee of $1.60 per edition, and you will of course have the option to choose which ones your receive. Or none at all.

Subscription lengths will be for 6 months per edition ie: $9.60 per edition type. If you choose to receive all four editions monthly, there will be a discounted value of $19.20 for the 6 month period.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me!