Ever taken a photo, or shot video on an iPhone, Samsung Galaxy or Pixel etc? This will excite you!

APple iPhone

We are adding to our stories and content!

Starting in April, we will also have a MAJOR section on using your smartphone (iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Pixel, Huawei, HTC etc).

  • We’ll have tutorials to help you shoot better photos and video.
  • We’ll review apps that make your photos better and reach more people
  • We’ll explain editing your videos, understanding light, capturing awesome audio and compositing shots.
  • And all by our video and photographic experts with years and years of photography and video under their belts from photography, video, TV and film.
  • We’ll have competitions to win REALLY cool things!
  • Plus you’ll actually be able to ask our experts questions about getting better footage or stills! Imagine REAL advice from REAL experts!

Bookmark this site and come back soon.

And if you join our competition (use the pop up on this page – refresh it if this has gone away – by entering your email address, you’ll go into the draw to win a fantastic Seagate 8TV backup drive!

HURRY, this comp end end of March!

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