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Imagine Products is Looking for Users to Beta Test ShotPut Pro’s 2022 Update

What’s new in ShotPut Pro 2022? Well, just about everything! This application was rebuilt from the ground up including all new replication routines, memory management, status tracking, email and SMS functions, report generation, and more. While it may look very similar on the surface, I think you’ll find it outperforms the current V2021 in virtually all situations. Some specific features that are coming soon include…

  • Customization of reports with up to 10 thumbs per video clip
  • Ability to open the details of an ongoing offload for more information about the various stages
  • The metadata for report generation will now be collected concurrently with copy and verification processes to eliminate lag at the end of PDF generation
  • Your presets now have a more streamlined feel and allow you to choose a verification type
  • A more powerful Pause/Resume function where you can halt the copy process
  • The option to specify the language that you would prefer ShotPut Pro to run in by navigating to system preferences on your macOS device
  • Implementation of ASC Media Hash List to standardize the media transfer process

As we enter into the final stages of its development, we are looking for users to beta test these new features and more! If you would like a first chance look at what the new ShotPut Pro has to offer, this is your opportunity. Using the link below you can apply to be a beta tester in just 30 seconds. To apply you must have a valid SPP update plan and be using a device running macOS for testing.

Any feedback that you may have during testing should be directed to

Apply here

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