First Look: DJI Pocket 2 “Do-It-All” handle

Today it seems, everything has to be “connected”. I admit to lately having a lot of fun playing around with a Google Nest Hub and setting up smart lights, smart power points, smart cameras and smart LED strips using the internet and my home wi-fi system to create the beginnings of a “smart home”.

Hell, I can even monitor my 3D printer whilst it is printing from anywhere in the world using it’s IOT (internet-of-things) built in camera’s connectivity!

Which leads me very nicely onto one of my favourite cameras, the DJI OSMO Pocket 2.

For those not familiar, the OSMO Pocket 2 is a small “action type” camera that unlike the GoPro-style form factor so common, is tall and slim. What sets it apart, is the gimbal based head, developed using DJI’s legendary technology and expertise used so effectively in its drones and RONIN based dSLR gimbals. With the gimbal, tracking and fluid motion, nice smooth shots becomes the norm as against the exception.

A small LCD is incorporated into the body of the OSMO Pocket 2, and when you come to grips with using it and its command structure / menu system, the OSMO Pocket 2 is capable of some brilliantly different and interesting shooting video (and still) possibilities.

Yesterday though, I received a most important – and to my mind what should be mandatory – addition for the Pocket 2. Called the Do-It-All-Handle, a hub device that plugs into the base of the Pocket 2 and adds a whole bunch of extra functionality.

Included is Bluetooth and Wi-fi capability, support for external mics and headphones / earphones, built in speaker and a ¼” thread for a tripod or other accessories to be attached.

Most importantly though, it removes the cumbersome and clumsy option of physically attaching your Pocket 2 to a smartphone via a connector, instead, connecting to the DJI MIMO app on your Android or iPhone via Wi-fi / Bluetooth.

This then gives you a whole heap of freedom in your shooting not previously available.

At AUD$159 it’s not exactly an inexpensive option for the AUD$599 Pocket 2, but having had a quick play I believe it will more than pay for itself, giving the already impressive Pocket 2 functionality only governed by imagination.

Sure, GoPros have much of the Do-It-All-Stick already built in – apart from the external mic / headphone connection needing the “Media Mod” to do that – but the unique gimbal head of the Pocket 2 is what sets it apart from “other” so-called action cams.

And that “apart” is a very large distance indeed.




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