First Look: Feiyu Tech AK2000C Gimbal

Whilst in the middle of reviewing the DJI Ronin RS 2 Pro Combo, a gimbal from another manufacturer landed on my doorstep today, this time from FeiyuTech.

I haven’t really seen much of this company in Australia, but I am assured that Camera House sell their kit, and a quick chat to the local Camera House owner tells me the company makes good products at excellent pricing.

The model I received is the AK2000C – gotta love those snappy, roll-off-your-tongues names doncha – and is a gimbal system designed for cameras up to 2.2Kg so covers quite a large range of camera types / models such as the Fujifilm X-T3, Canon R series, Sony A7s etc.

A major feature is that it claims to be able to run up to 7 hours on a single charge which is pretty impressive.

Following on from my missive yesterday, similar to the DJI products, the AK2000C is beautifully packaged, comes complete with all the necessary USB cables, except again for the cursed USB 3 in the Canon 5DS. There are no HDMI cables either as this unit, unlike the DJI with the RavenEye system does not support video via wi-fi or Bluetooth.


You do get a rather nice non-slip tripod though that screws into the base of the gimbal handle, and a lens support system that to add if you wish.

The enclosed instruction sheet – called a “Quick Experience” sheet – is a little bit too small to be useful. That is, diagrams and text are quite tiny. But that might just be me.

A full manual can be downloaded in PDF format however, and there are lots of links to online video tutorials.

Supporting the use of the AK2000C is the Feiyu ON app for Android and iOS, allowing remote control of the AK2000C.

At present, I am charging the unit up, but a quick look over the construction tells me that it is very similar in operation to the Ronin, with locks for each axes, quick release plates for the camera, a touch screen and easy access to all the controls.

A nice touch, if you are into “style” is the woodgrain-like highlights on the main handle of the unit.

Once I have the AK2000C fully charged and have come to grips with it and the app, I’ll do a full review of what it is actually like to use.

Oh, and the price? Expect around AUD$379 which is not a bad number at all I feel.

If you want more details, go to



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