First Look: Panasonic HC-X2000

Two boxes turned up today. Oh, I had been expecting them, but was surprised when I opened them, nonetheless.

Panasonic had promised to send me a LUMIX S1 to test with a bunch of lenses, as well as the brand spanking new HC-X2000 camcorder. So why was I surprised.

Well, let me tell you.

You see, I have had an HC-X1 Panny camcorder for some time now, and frankly love it! It shares duties with my PV100 and is especially brought into use when I need to shoot 4K which the PV100 doesn’t.

And the X1 is quite a bit larger than the PV100 so I don’t use that off tripod whereas the PV100 I can comfortably.

So, when deciding to look at the just-arrived HC-X2000, thinking this was to be the next generation of the X1, I opened the larger of the two boxes first. And surprise, surprise, it had in it the packaging for the LUMIX S1 and the three lenses I had been promised. The SMALL box – think two shoeboxes side by side, contained the X2000 and all its bits including an add-on top mounted handle.

And it’s tiny! Well maybe not tiny, but certainly a LOT smaller than the e PV100 and Panasonic says is 60% of the size of the X1 and only weighs 1.5Kg.


The HC-X200 is a 4K / 60p designed as a run’n’gun model with a wide angle 25mm lens and 24x optical zoom (48x with electronic added in). It boasts 4K high precision AF, face detection AF and AE, a 5-axis hybrid OIS system and can shoot at 120 fps super slo-mo with 10 bit internal recording (4:2:2 to 4K 30p, 4:2:0 to 4K 60 p).

On the body are two manual rings, built in 4 stage ND filter and a mic supporting 24 bit hi-res linear PCM audio. It also has built in Wi-fi allowing live HD streaming over Ethernet with no additional hardware necessary.

Stunningly, from the flush-to-body battery Panasonic is claiming 4 ½ hours battery life when shooting 4K at 200Mpbs.

SDI support is included and with the handle added, you get 2 XLR mic inputs. And a built in light.

As is now normal for Panasonic, the lens is a Leica Dicomar with a 35mm equivalence of 25-600mm and a focal length of 4.12 – 98.9mm and F values F1.8-F4.0. The image sensor is a 1 / 2.5” MOS sensor.

For a full list of all the specifications nip over to Panasonic Australia’s website at

Now to charge it and have a play! Can’t wait.

And the price? AUD$3499.

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