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Over the years I have played with many an add-on device to assist in video editing. Despite the number – and they have varied from control boxes to faux channel mixing desks seen in TV studios to specialised mice and joysticks – I have stuck with the trusty Contour Shuttle Pro.

This might all change now though as I have just received a new player in the game, the Loupedeck+ from Finland.

(How many Finnish inventions can you think of?  Well actually there is a few such as the wearable heart rate monitor, the safety reflector used on clothing, of course the sauna and even the humble web browser is a Finnish invention – but I digress …)

Loupedeck+ is a dedicated photo and video editing console putting everything you need at your fingertips – with a caveat. It comes preconfigured only for Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, Photoshop, Lightroom and Audition, Final Cut Pro X, Capture One and Skylum: Aurora HDR.

So, at this stage, if you are say, a Vegas Pro, AVID or Blackmagic Resolve user, it seems you may be out of luck. But as we speak, I am checking with the developers as to self-configuration and / or future development in this area and it mostly seems to down to user demand driven.

The Loupedeck+ Console

20190730_143227On the Loupedeck+ console all the functions available are grouped by category eliminating the need to continually navigate between panels, sub-panels and menu options as say Adobe like to use. On top of this you can customise the console to suit your own specific or particular workflow with four separate layers of functionality with its various buttons, dials and sliders.

As an example, with Adobe Premiere Pro, there is complete compatibility with the Lumetri Colour workspace for colour grading and support for LUTs. Any settings you create specifically for you can be saved in a config file and used on another computer if you wish. There is flexible timeline navigation and trimming and adjustment availability plus you can customise buttons to Premier Pro short cuts.


I am seriously looking forward to a good play with Loupedeck+ (meaning I’ll have to brush up on Premiere Pro and After Effects).

To install the driver software from the Loupedeck website is a 60 second thing and painless. And while there is a PDF included, specific instructions for the supported programs are all online.

For Windows based machines you need a minimum Windows 10 and for Mac, OS 10.12 or greater. Loupedeck do say on its website “Loupedeck software is compatible with MacOS Mojave. However, new security features were added to Mojave and these need to be allowed for the Loupedeck to function”.

Full step by step instructions then follow.

For more information, go to

Loupedeck+ is €239


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