Makes its Debut on the iPad, announced today the arrival of for iPad. for iPad follows the success of the company’s 2016 Apple Design Award-winning iOS app, and, like its smaller sibling, allows users to stay up to date with what’s happening on set or in the edit suite while on the move. for iPad is another step toward realizing a fully, globally distributed video workflow, giving creators and collaborators the ability to review or approve work in progress from anywhere in the world. Apple’s high quality iPad screen lets users view true-to-life color, while making the mobile experience more flexible and delightful.

There are times when watching dailies, evaluating VFX shots, or getting a better sense of composition and color benefits from a larger display than a smartphone can offer – that’s where for iPad comes into play. was designed to streamline the collaborative video review process, and the platform continues to evolve to meet ever-changing industry needs and the demands of its users. for iPad comes equipped with features that elevate the mobile workflow, as well as enhance the functionality of the edit suite with powerful features including:

Split view for side-by-side app viewing
Split view lets users keep in view on one side of the iPad screen while using apps like Final Draft, Slack, or FaceTime on the other. View scripts, chat with team members, track assets—and so much more. 

Draw detailed annotations with Apple Pencil
Leave detailed drawings and annotations on work using Apple Pencil. Fine-tune stills or moving images, create illustrations, or work in Photoshop and import assets into right on the iPad. Using the Apple Pencil makes it simple to leave notes as easily as writing on paper—except that it flows directly into the project. for iPad arrives just a few weeks after announced a $50M round of Series C funding and the appointment of Michael Cioni as Global SVP of Innovation, all key factors as plans for exciting developments to come in 2020. 


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