Free LUT Packs

They seem to be the buzzword and video darling of late, but everyone is talking about LUTs.

For the uninitiated, or if you have been living under a rock the last 2 years or so, LUT stands for “Look Up Table” and is a way of substiting the “look” of you video in terms of colour, saturation, contrast etc, with another “look”.

A basic example is shooting on one camera and then using An LUT from another to simulate the look that camera would have given.

The definition from says

A LUT (Lookup Table) is essentially the modifier between two images, the original image and the displayed image, based on a mathematical formula. There are different types of LUTS – viewing, transform, calibration, 1D and 3D.”

Anyway, video bits vendor Rhino in a recent email to me say that as gratitude to their clients, they want to give away a bunch of professionally created LUTs for you to have a play with.

The URL is and on that page, as well as being able to download the LUTs Rhino has available, you can see samples of what they do.

Disclosure: I get nuffin’ for providing this info 🙂


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