FREE: Particle Illusion from BorisFX

Particle Illusion’s FREE standalone is newly updated with even more 3D power and a node-based workflow to help you create stunning animations faster than ever before. Learn more

If you’re using Continuum (2021.5) or the Particle Illusion plugin (2021.5), you already have access to these new features + deeper integration with After Effects 3D text, lights & masks.

  • New! User-friendly node view workflow
  • New! 3D emitter shapes
  • New! 3D forces, deflectors & emission
  • New! 3D cameras and views
  • New! Lines & turbulence
  • New! 55 drag & drop emitter presets

Download it here

Getting Started Training Series

BorisFX has also updated its comprehensive FREE training series to feature Particle Illusion’s newest tools. Ben Brownlee and John Dickinson team up to cover everything from the basics of the interface to creating complex animations. Includes 24 bite-size tutorials. Learn at your own pace.





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