FV^VR Top Tip: USB 3.0 issues solved.

Yesterday, in a moment of not-so-quiet panic, it appeared our major backup drive had failed. Not only does this have all our archives on it, but also acts as a secondary PLEX server for our TV, video, movie and music data.

Now this 8TB drive is less than 4 months old, so whilst still under warranty of course, you have to start to think of how many times do you need to back up the back up?

24 hours later, and our fears have been allayed, thank goodness. Due to the exemplary telephone services of the techies at Seagate right here in Australia, it was soon proven the drive and its power supply are fine. What had failed was the USB 3.0 cable between the computer and the drive.

It turns out that with if the USB cable is not connected or is faulty, the drive will not spin up, and if it is disconnected, the drive will immediately spin down.

This is something we Did Not Know.

Now I don’t know without further research if this is a USB 3.0 “feature”, but if you are having issues with a USB 3.0 based device, it may be worth your effort to check the quality of the cable.


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