GoPro Hero 8 Black Now A 1080p Wide Angle Webcam

It seems to be all the rage at the moment – giving a camcorder the status of also being a webcam. Odd isn’t it; wasn’t that long ago that dedicated webcams were seen as “inferior” to a “proper” camera, and now they all want to be one!

The latest off the block is the venerable GoPro Hero 8 Black. Apparently all you need for the HERO8 Black to work as a durable, mountable, ultra-high-quality webcam is a beta camera firmware update, the new desktop utility and a USB-C cord—no third-party accessories required.

There is a step-by-step guide here along with all the necessary downloadable files.

The GoPro Webcam desktop utility is currently available for Mac OS users with support for Windows in development.

HERO8 Black and the GoPro Webcam desktop utility are currently compatible with Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Discord and BlueJeans as well as Webex, Skype, Facebook Rooms, Facebook Messenger and Slack when accessed via a Google Chrome Browser on Mac OS.

HERO8 Black can also be used for live streaming to YouTube and to start a new movie recording in QuickTime.

And, for those looking to live stream to viewers from a cord-free perspective, GoPro HERO8 Black , HERO7 Black and MAX cameras live stream direct to Twitch (most recently) as well as YouTube, Facebook profiles and Facebook pages. Via RTMP, users can live stream to Vimeo,
Facebook groups and Workplace by Facebook.

Editor: Sadly, the much touted GoPro Mods – light, external audio ability and HDMI output etc are STILL not available in Australia despite being announced in December last year.

C’mon GoPro, get the act together and play the game!

Additionally it always baffles me why Mac is often first off the block when they are the smaller – allegedly – market. Maybe Mac users complain less when Beta stuff doesn’t do what it is told, or there are less complaints due to the samller market)?



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