GoPro Hero 9, MAX and other models tricks and tips …

On a regular annual basis I write a piece on how most people have no idea of all the features and functions of their gadgets and apps / software, and that you can gain HEAPS by reading the manual or online PDF etc.

This year I have been beaten to the punch by GoPro, which has released a blog post on that very subject relating to Hero 9 Black, GoPro MAX and other models in the range.

Below is a summary, but if you want to read the whole thing and get extensive information on each,  nip over to


  1. Chillax while GoPro automatically uploads your content to the cloud.*
  2. You can turn your camera on andstart recording with one press of the shutter.
  3. You can mouth off to your GoPro, and it WILL respond!
  4. What’s a HiLight tag? Only the best way to mark your favorite moments while you’re recording.
  5. Go vertical for TikTok and the ‘gram.
  6. Give your stabilization a boost.
  7. Add some flair with Capture Presets and On-Screen Shortcuts.
  8. Your GoPro can turn back time.
  9. It takes two … fingers to change presets without using the rear touch screen.
  10. Give the rear display a tap-tap-taparoo to lock exposure.
  11. GoPros are waterproof and mountable straight outta the box.
  12. Water and GoPros go together like PB&J. But, like peanut butter, sometimes water can be runny and cause you to slip into another mode.
  13. Tell us you’ve mastered TimeWarp without telling us you’ve mastered TimeWarp.
  14. Shoot to impress by abiding by the Rule of Thirds.
  15. Only you can prevent light flicker.
  16. Set your self(ie) up for success by tailoring your photo mode to the environment or output you want.
  17. You can command your GoPro to do reallycool things with QR codes. GoPro
  18. Feeling overworked after trying all these GoPro hacks? Let your camera take a breather with a reset.

Finally, we’ve all been there with electronics—sometimes they just need a hard reset. Press and hold power button for 10 seconds to reset your GoPro.



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