Greenpeace meets the Antarctic – in 360 Virtual Reality

For decades, Greenpeace has used photographs and video to document their activism—and to show people the at-risk environments and animals they’re working to protect. Recently, the organization has begun incorporating 360-degree virtual-reality (VR) video into their work, as a way to immerse viewers in far-off places and help people more deeply connect with them. A recent journey to the bottom of the Antarctic Ocean demonstrates the power of this fast-developing technology.

One of the videos produced by Greenpeace on their recent Antarctic mission was a 360-degree virtual-reality underwater journey. Greenpeace is using VR video to immerse viewers in, and get them engaged with, endangered habitats such as the Amazon rainforest and the Antarctic Ocean—they publish the videos on YouTube and elsewhere online.

And to give people the full viewing experience, they also set up VR viewing pods around the world. Although the number of people getting the full VR experience is relatively small, Greenpeace’s Matt Kemp says it’s proving to be a very effective way to reach audiences. Click on the image above to join actor Javier Bardem on a journey few people ever get to take.

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All images (c) © Christian Åslund / Greenpeace  or Matt Kemp / Greenpeace


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