Have you thought about security? You have some expensive gear there… a true tale.

When we first moved into this house after buying it, in the very first week at something like 2am, a heavy banging on the front door signified the presence of a pair of “heavies” demanding to see a specific person.

On explaining that I had no idea who that was and that we had just moved in after buying, one of the heavies mumbled something about the “wrong street” and they vanished into the darkness.

Later that week we discovered evidence of serious drug use and on further checking discovered that indeed the police had been involved in “removing” one of the previous tenants.

That was the time I decided to install a security system. Not only did I want to record evidence if something nasty happened in the future, but also for it act as deterrence, as like many, I have a small fortune invested in equipment of all kinds.

My system is quite simple in that it is made up of a number of standalone Swann Wi-Fi cameras that interact via my router to an app on my mobile, alerting me – depending on the settings – to intrusions via infra-red or movement triggers. They can also employ face recognition if required.

A simple system and it works for me, with the cameras judiciously placed inside and out for maximum coverage.

I went this way as traditional security systems that record back to a central hub have traditionally used either BNC cable, or with more sophisticated systems, Ethernet, to connect the cameras. This means lots of scrambling through roof cavities and whatnot to get a system in place.

However today, Swann tells me they have just released a new Wi-Fi based system called AllSecure650™ 2K Wireless Security Kits. This contains up to four wire-free cameras with secure mounts, blending the reliability of a wired setup and ease of wireless, setting up in minutes not hours, to make a hybrid CCTV system.

It also comes with a powerful Wi-Fi NVR Power Hub, which can store up to two years of footage to its local 1TB hard drive and backup clips to the cloud. There’s a charging bay at the rear of the power hub for easy recharging and a spare battery is included so that you can always have a charged battery ready to swap in and out. So, unlike other wireless systems, there’s never any security down time while waiting for a camera to charge.

A spare battery in the Power Hub can act as a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) providing an additional 5 hours of power to the hub in the event of a power outage. The Power Hub also stitches video activity clips together for fast and easy playback.

Apparently, you can only buy this system through Swann, Bunnings, JB HiFi, The Good Guys and Amazon but  it is quite inexpensive. The 3-camera unit retails at $949.95 AUD and the 4-camera unit retails at $1,099.95 AUD

Good value for the piece of mind if you get either some knuckle dragger pounding on your door at 2am, or as a deterrent if someone decides after working out you have some tasty gear just right for flogging down the pub and they’d like to ‘ave that.

Might bring your insurance premiums down too by the way.




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