How secure is your studio? It needn’t cost an arm and leg – $220 will do it.

I’ll like to touch on a subject I am guessing few think about – security.

If you added up the value of all your video gear, computers, gadgets and so on, if you are like me, you have a tidy sum invested. So how do you protect that equipment?

When I added up all of mine, all the stuff I have amassed over the years including cameras, camcorders, mics, lighting, accessories, computers, mixing gear, streaming gear, assorted other bits of kit, cases, drones and so on, it gave me one hell of a fright, not to mention alerting me that my insurance cover was way too low.

I decided to invest a further small amount in an internal camera alarm system.

And this is the crux of this article, as I found out that whilst most think these systems – similar to what you see in retail premises – involve a bank of cameras, associated cabling and some sort of complex recording device (or even more expensive, a “back to base” system where a 3rd party does the 24 hour monitoring).

But it needn’t. In my case, I looked at equipment from Swann, an Aussie company known world wide for its products and expertise in this area, and whilst yes, I could have spent a grand or more on a full security system, to cover my studio, I only needed to spend around $220.

This gives me a single stand-alone camera that supports motion sensing, is waterproof, has a 180° field of view, records internally and is powered by a USB rechargeable battery.

Additionally, it has a built in mic and speaker so via the app on your smart phone (which will also alert you if something triggers the camera) so you can do 2 way communication. Voice commands via Google and Alexa are also supported.

Setting it up is a snap, and all it takes is introducing the camera to your home or office / studio Wi-fi, pairing the app on your smartphone, and away you go.

In my case, I used a trick to extend battery life; I purchased a 20,000mAh Powerbank from Jaycar and plugged that into the USB port thus continually charging the internal battery. When the Powerbank runs out of electricities, I can unplug it as the camera is still fully charged, and top it back up. Optionally, you can add a solar panel too.

As well as recording internally, you can optionally record to “the cloud” with 7 days of footage being stored and rolling over each day after that.

As the system uses a combination of your own Wi-fi and smartphone, you can be anywhere in the world and get notifications (as long as you have mobile access).

Finally, there are no contracts to enter into or anything like that – ie no further costs as the whole thing is completely self-contained.

And you can add more cameras to other locations as your needs grow.

For more information on what I set up click here.

This is a 360 view of my studio / office. If you look closely, on the left of the creen screen you can see the Swann camera

And this is what thesecurity camera sees…





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