Important information on using ProRender in Cinema 4D R19 on macOS Mojave

If you are using Cinema 4D AND a Mac user and also upgraded to the latest Mojave version of the OS, MAXON has asked us to pass on this bit o’ info to you:

“Important information on using ProRender in Cinema 4D R19 on macOS Mojave

Please note when using the Radeon ProRender in Cinema 4D R19 on macOS Mojave with Apple’s Metal Technology that the preparation for the rendering process (compiling of shaders) will be unusually slow. Users of the new Release 20 are not affected. The process can be sped up for Cinema 4D R19 by disabling the use of Metal for ProRender in the Preferences menu.”

So now we have.

Oh, and if you are wondering either what this 3D / modelling etc malarkey stuff is all about, stand by for our new series on getting into 3D (using Cinema 4D) and a companion series on Motion Graphics using Adobe After Effects and BORISfx products. They will be in a serialized form and starting right at the very beginning.

Of course the good news is that there is trial version of Cinema available, or you can buy a short terms (3 month or 6 month) licence at so you can play right along and see if this is for you (it will be, we promise!)

Likewise, Adobe has a limited time After Effects available, and you can also get BORIS Red for a limited time to try it out (we DO like Boris RED!)!



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