Infinity and Beyond: Streaming. The new frontier…

OK so I nicked and paraphrased a sub title from the best fillum ever made one 2001:A Space Odyssey.

But I did it to announce we are adding a new direction to the stuff we cover in  Australian Videocamera. And that is streaming.

If, because of the current circumstances you are forced to use Zoom to converse and collaborate with fellow employees, co-workers or suppliers and customers, we’ll be covering the options available, making tutorials and suggesting hardware and software tools to make it easier and more productive.

Perhaps you want to stream via Twitch, or use Facebook and Twitter, we’ll cover that too, and all things in between.

Stay tuned, let us know of any suggestions you have, any problems that you have come across, tutorials you would like (we are damn good at those) or indeed anything else related to streaming or video and filmmaking in general, and we’ll try our damndest to assist.


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