Intel Puts on Drone Light Show at CES 2018

In Australia, we all love our fireworks don’t we? Especially at New Years’ and being on or around Sydney Harbour. But hey, in reality, any excuse right?

Well, what do you think about replacing the bangs and whistles with a loud hum?

That’s precisely what Intel has done at the annual tech knees up in Las Vegas, known as CES (Consumer Electronics Show).

Yep, Intel deployed 250 of the craft to the famous fountain show outside the Bellagio hotel in the city. And Intel’s boss of the “drone group”, Anil Nanduri, reckons the pre-programmed Shooting Star mini drones, which carry coloured LED lights and use special location technology to stay in formation, create a new art form.

Mr Nanduri said programming of the drones, which keep them close to each other without crashing, could be used to sweep large areas during a search.

The advance in technology also meant there was now an opportunity to evolve firework displays to something more modern.

Fireworks have been around for centuries. Now fireworks create a lot of pollution – noise,” he said.

“We all enjoy fireworks, but that has been the only way you could enjoy something in the sky other than being in Norway and looking at the Northern Lights.

“What you’re seeing in the Shooting Star system is the ability for you to create that story. You can create shapes, logos or animations and turn it into a story and that is a new form – you can now paint in the sky, but without the pollution. It’s reusable and it’s safe.

“For us, light shows are a way of redefining night sky entertainment. It’s more than fireworks. Because with fireworks you can’t get shapes or logos. You get a lot of colour and vibrant mix of sound but here sound can come through music and you will see that in the show.”

What do you think? Drones or big bangy-things? It sort of smacks of a Clayton’s firework show doesn’t it; very clever, and undeniably entertaining. But somehow, it reminds me of an electric car. Yes it gets you from A to B, but you can’t beat the real thing.

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