Issues with live video break-up and MAVIC Pro? This might be your fix …

By Dr David Smith

For some months I have had serious issues with live video break-up on my Galaxy S5 from the Mavic Pro. Very embarrassing when it happens in full view of a paying client…  Turns out this issue has been happening worldwide with various solutions offered including reverting to version 4.1.10 of the DJI Go App. Not necessary, now read on:

I have all firmware updated to the latest including DJI Go 4 Version 4.2.8 and the problem was still there. Serious break-up that some users report has resulted in complete signal loss, loss of control and even loss of drone.

Some suggested clearing the video cache in the drone. I always have this set to auto clearing at 2GB but I cleared it manually anyway. Still no solution.

Today I read that if you clear the video cache in the PHONE this will solve the problem. Thankfully this worked and the live video is now perfectly clear and smooth as it always used to be. It seems you should do this regularly to ensure the break-up doesn’t suddenly strike mid-flight. Hopefully DJI will add an option for auto clearing the phone cache in the next update of the app.

Here’s what to do:

  1. Open the app with the drone and controller disconnected
  2. Go to the little three-bar ‘hamburger’ at the top right and choose Flight Record
  3. Go to the little Settings cogwheel at the top right
  4. Clear Locally Cached Flight Records
  5. Enjoy beautifully smooth live video on your screen.


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