It was necessary. But by golly it’s fun. And beneficial…

I make no bones about it; this article is a blatant plug, But there is a bit of a back story to it, so please bear with me.

As most know, as well as being the owner, publisher and managing editor of Australian Videodamera I am almost the sole contributor and have been for a number of years. On occasion, long time stalwarts like Dr David Smith and Stephen Turner plus my brother Graeme assist with in-depth articles and reviews using their special expertise well beyond mine, but in the main, what I put into Australian Videocamera is what comes out of the other end.

Now, most will also know that we don’t charge subscription fees and have not done so for a long time, instead, relying on advertising and the odd “gift” from readers  who feel they have gained something useful from an article or tutorial.

Sadly, for a while now advertising has not been enough to call Australian Videocamera “a real living”, so recently, I bit the bullet and got a part time job.

My background in the dim distant past was with Tandy Australia, firstly in a retail store and then to Computer Centres and then Computer Centre management. Unfortunately, due to commercial pressures, Tandy vanished a couple of decades ago, closely followed by the “enemy”, Dick Smith (both names are now owned by Kogan, but trust me, I ain’t going there …). But thankfully, the Tandy / Dick Smith concept was reborn in the form of Jaycar.

After many, many visits over the past couple of years, out of the blue, that local Jaycar store manager asked me if I’d like a casual job as a sales person.

To me, Jaycar is what Tandy would have become, so I have jumped at it, and I am having a ball for 3 days week with 4 hours a day.

The reason I say this is a blatant plug, is that whilst I had been to Jaycar a LOT to buy cables primarily, now that I am more au fait with the product range (I have been there a month), I am gobsmacked at how much product there is directly suitable for the video-type person that I simply was not aware of!

In terms of magic “black boxes” there are converters from format to format, Wi-Fi HDMI transmitter boxes, AD converters and much more. Mics, mixers and lights abound (especially LED flexible strip lighting in every colour and LUMEN strength known to man) and for those so inclined, dozens of electronic kits from Arduino and Raspberry Pi to put together for all sorts of tasks.

Jaycar even sell 3D printers at an affordable price ($899 will get you a ripper and there are thousands of downloadable templates on the web the printer will “read” to make “stuff” up to 150mm x 150mm.)

And I haven’t even touched on the power devices – 12v, 240v and solar – Jaycar sell, not to mention security systems. And gadgets and gizmos.

LOTS of gadgets and gizmos!

If you haven’t, I suggest a look at the Jaycar website or a wander into and then a browse of a store will pleasantly surprise you. You can even get a cattle-dog listing every product (just like the good ol’ Tandy days).

By the way, I am NOT on commission so get nothing out of this, and nor has Jaycar asked me to spruik them – this is off my own bat as I feel it may be of benefit to many who are not aware of the company. And the products it offers.

It goes without saying that I continue to thank our long term supporters in Blackmagic Design and Sennheiser, and newcomers Final Draft, Digistor and AVID as well as Fujifilm and of course Panasonic. These companies in particular have allowed me to keep Australian Videocamera going in the past and into the future.

I hope you will support them as they support me.

The Jaycar gig just allows me to also live a little bit and is fun to boot as a side benefit!

And here is a thought; maybe your local store needs some casuals, which might just help you as film making and video production is not exactly booming right now unless you are very lucky.

We are in weird times, so to everyone, stay safe and well, and keep being kind to one another! I feel the end of the tunnel is in sight!


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