Just a bit o’ fun (Sorry Micaleff!)

I did some playing around today just for the fun of it. I wanted to see what could be obtained quickly an’ easily with a DJI Pocket 2, lightbox, an inexpensive smoke machine and some different lighting colours (in this case generated by the Zhiyun Fiveray)

This was all put together in the space of 5 minutes, and whilst not perfect by a very long shot, it does show you can create some nifty effects quite quickly.

The only thing i added to the original setup was a GoPro Zeus light set to strobe and for the super bright flashes, a high-powered LED spotlight also set to strobe but out of sequence with the Zeus.

I am now planning to do a more thought-out sequel. Using my Flashforge 3D printer I am currently putting together a turntable object I can put in the lightbox. Ultimately, I’ll power this with a basic Arduino setup to make it rotate, but in the interim, it will be hand cranked via some sort of belt (I thought about cheating and buying a cheap Lazy Susan but a) that wouldn’t be as much fun and b) the smallest I could find would have been a very tight fit in the lightbox).

I also plan to do the next shoot better utilising the gimbal on the DJI Pocket 2 to Active Track a spot on the model.

Anyway, it is a bit of fun and I find I always learn something when I do these little projects.


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