Kyno 1.8 now supports DaVinci Resolve AND Blackmagic RAW!

If you were ever thinking of switching from your current NLE to Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve (which is free), but needed one more reason to do so, it has just arrived in a somewhat unlikely form.

For quite a while now we have been spruiking the benefits of the media asset management system Kyno, and last night we received news that the new version 1.8 has landed, and joy of joys, it now supports DaVinci Resolve integration along with Blackmagic RAW.

Robert Kruger, one of the partners in Kyno says that this was borne by the twin factors of Resolve being the “rising star” among NLEs and the enormous success of the Blackmagic Design Cinema Camera.

So what does this mean in the real world? Firstly, you can send your prepared clips with metadata (tags, ratings, descriptions, markers, subclips) to Resolve in a two-click operation. Kyno’s subclip metadata allows you to assemble rough cuts from your footage in no time.


Second, you can now play back BRAW footage natively in Kyno, either in full or reduced resolution, if your computer isn’t fast enough, transcode or subclip footage to ProRes and other formats and use all logging and NLE integration tools with BRAW in Kyno’s Standard Edition. You’ll be able to offload, manage, preview and transcode your BRAW footage.

Kyno 1.8 brings other advantages too including workflow improvements in transcoding and met data transfer, performance improvements for thumbnails and batch analysis, automatic application of sidecar-LUTs, improved drag & drop, a new MD5 verification option, FCP XML workflow and Excel export improvements as well as some fixes.

Oh and if you are an AVID Media Composer user with Kyno 1.8 Premium Edition, Avid Media Composer workflows are supported though ALE export as well as copy and paste for markers between Kyno and Media Composer.

To help coming up to speed with Kyno, there are also some new intro videos covering an introduction to the most important features as well as a run-down of advanced features and more.

You can get more info and a free trial from here or buy Kyno for AUD$229 for the “standard” version or AUD$509 for “premium”.





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